Maasai Village- Day 2-3

Maasai Village.

Maasai Village
Photo-op with the Maasai

After our day adventure, we rested for a while and about 4:30pm, Lucas had arranged* for us for the Maasai security guards to give us a tour in this Maasai region. First of all, the Mara (reserve) is located in the Maasai land. Secondly, since this is their home, they are the security guards found in most camps. Reason is because they are experienced in knowing how to “deal” with wild animals that occasionally come into town. It is a clash of humans and animals. Anyways, our tour guide, Makeno was a delight. Not only does he speak English, but he was funny.


Many do not know, but the Maasai of the 21st century are now integrated with the western ways. So, they are advocate for education, especially for the young ones. Hence, they have a community center and a school inside the center. I am not sure if this is in every Maasai unit, but, this was the case in this particular town where we were lodged. Upon entering the village, we were greeted by Makeno’s younger brother, John, who is a university student just visiting home. He encouraged us to take pictures and/or record our interaction with them.

They performed a lovely welcoming dance, taught us how to make fire and we were split into groups to go into their homes where they told us more of their lifestyle in modern age. Afterwards, they persuaded us to buy some items, which we unfailing did. Though, they are pushy bargainers, so you need to know how to bargain, or you end up paying the price they call at you. At the moment the exchange rate is ($1/100ksh). So, paying them in Kenyan Shillings or dollars was the same. I did some transaction in dollars and shillings. Most items can be found in the Maasai market in Kisumu, but the prices vary, (though, I found them to be similar, recently).

Dinner 2
Chapati, potatoes and meat

We headed back to camp and enjoyed our last, delicious meal of the day.

*Touring the Maasai village costs about 2,000ksh and that’s because the money goes to the community center, but Lucas spoke to them and they gave us a discount of 1000ksh. I know this because I confirmed with a different guide who said he charged his tourists the regular price. So, make sure your tour guide got your back. HEHE!!

Day 3

Guess who my “hubby” is?

On Sunday at 7:30am, before leaving, we had a “photoshoot” with the Maasai guards and I gained a “husband” in Makeno as he took a huge crush on me. Hehe! We headed out of camp, after having breakfast, heading home. We had the option of touring again before leaving, but Saturday’s day-long tour was enough. If we had decided to tour again, we would have spent additional $45 for a two hour tour. NOT WORTH IT. Overall, we had a great experience. Our tour guide, Lucas was the best. I will find out more details about the booking and update the information. Lucas, a vet in his field, is the best. He has been doing this tour for 9 years and he loves it. If you love your tour guide, it’s best to appreciate them after the tour. He knows a lot about the animals and what there is to know about the reserve.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I am glad I went.  Make sure you hold a scarf or long-sleeved shirt. On our way, it was hot and dusty, but at night the temperature dropped. Also, it gets cooler in the van when touring.

Total money spent on this trip $168 as compared to the $270 I had budgeted for. WORTH EVERY PENNY. As a student, DO NOT FORGET YOUR STUDENT ID in order to get the discount and do ask for a student discount or you pay the foreigner’s price.

Till then,




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