Equator Line

Who knew the equator passes through Kenya?Now, I know. Apparently, ” Kenya is among only 13 countries in the world that the equator passes through and with some of the most impressive landscapes and wildlife on earth.” (Africa geographic).

P and I
P and I

So, doing fieldwork, my colleagues and I went to a different county, Vihiga county; Vihiga county borders Nandi to the East, Kisumu County to the South, Siaya County to the West and KAKAMEGA County to the North. We stopped at Luanda constituency in Vihiga to assess the water kiosk located in the market, as we plan on installing chlorine doser at some water kiosks site that do not treat their water.

Equator Line resort

Anyways, on our way back to worksite, B, our driver asked if I had been to the equator. I was like, “huh?” So, he kept driving while I looked at him crazy. Coming out of Luanda, we hit Maseno, which is a town in Kisumu county. Less than 20 minutes from where we left Luanda, I saw the sign, EQUATOR LINE.

Equator line
Equator Line @ Maseno

B turned around and smiled and I was like “OH!” We stopped at the roadside to take a picture when a guide approached us and told us about the “magic” of the equator. “The equator runs across Kenya almost in the middle, passing 6km north of central Kisumu. Here you are able to stand with one foot in the Southern Hemisphere and one foot in the Northern Hemisphere as you face the mystery of the line that separates them.” (Africa Geographic).

O, B and guide

In the southern hemisphere, the water runs clockwise and in the northern hemisphere, it runs counterclockwise and in the center, it doesn’t move. Pretty cool. So, for 100 shilling (<$1), the guide did a quick demonstration which I think it’s cool. There are different places that you can cross the equator line and the location we stopped at is one of them. Hence, the description of Vihiga county.

Lunch 2
Chapati and Fried Tilapia
Lunch 1
Ugali and meat

Afterwards, we stopped for lunch before heading back to work. Though, the results for the fieldwork came out to be disappointing because we did not get kiosks or sites that met the requirements and it was raining and cloudy for the most part. I think that this was the highlight of the day that made our mood brighter.

Till then,





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