When N Decides to Cook

Oh my, we are being treated.

After our exhaustive, but fun experience at the Kibuye market. We were back home. At the market, one of my buddy, N, got some groceries as he wanted to make us pumpkin leaves with peanut (I am sure there is a name for it). Anyways, he decided to prepare the vegetable sauce for dinner.

Diya peeling potatoes and N cutting pumpkin leaves

Getting couple of bowls, a picnic blanket and a stool, he set his work space outside, underneath a tree and began work with other buddy, A. They began to take out the leafy veins off the pumpkin leave and pluck off its stem. As they were prepping, I was watching my show, “Cold Case.” I felt bad, so, I joined them outside. Fine, I lie. The show was over, then I joined them in plucking out some leafy veins. Hehe

What's cooking
N showing Diya and Tritin how it’s being made

Once a nice cool, sunny, breezy, turned into a cloudy one. Luckily, we were done before the clouds rolled by and hurried inside. Once that was done, it was time to cut the leaves before cooking. Before, then, N roasted some peanuts which was to be added to the vegetables and cooked.

A and N
N about to roast some peanuts and A is thirsty

It’s dinner time, and we had the vegetable sauce with fried tilapia and chips (fries). YUM!! Good job N.

Beautiful, but cloudy sunset

Till then,


Photo credit: Featured image is from Zimbo Kitchen. Since, I forgot to take a pic of the meal, google images did me a solid.


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