Market Day- Kibuye

Sunday is Funday!

We decided to explore some more on Sunday and no better way to familiarize yourself in town without knowing where the market is. Not the fancy supermarket, but the let’s get down to business market. This is where your bargaining skills come in handy, so, don’t get rusty.

Kibuye Market
Kibuye Day

In Kisumu, Sunday is where everything and everyone gets down. Vendors, retailers, wholesalers and whatever “-rs” there is, Sunday is the day to be out. Claimed to be one of the largest open market in East Africa, hehe,  this place is not a place for a child. If you are not ready to buy, bounce, because the next customer is awaiting.

So, “Diya,” our host relative, took us to Kibuye market. From the house to town, we rode on bodaboda (bike) which cost about 50ksh to Jubilee market, where we then jumped in a matatu (bus) for 10ksh to the market. Upon arriving at the market, the weather changed from breezy to hot and humid. Well, cannot complain now.

N trying to bargain

Diya showed us around the market, where to get clothes, shoes, food items, etc. There is a section for everyone and we were not about to leave empty-handed. We priced and haggled, but no avail. We searched and didn’t find what we wanted. We walked and sweated, but our thirst could not be “cured” by drinking water. Fine, I am not a poet. But, we itched our throats to bargain, at the end, we came out defeated.

Okay, fine. I came out defeated. I didn’t get what I want. I wanted a skirt and sandals, but the skirts were either overpriced, too big, too small, or not what I wanted. Also, who knew Kenyan women had small feet. I do not have freakishly long feet, but damn, I could only find my size in bathroom slippers. BATHROOM SLIPPERS. SUCH A DAMN SHAME.

It was a fun experience. We chatted with the vendors, some made fun of me for not buying, others tried to get me to purchase what I didn’t want after calling me madam and stating that if I purchased their goods, I will look younger. Such insult. Haha. They spoke to me in Swahili or Luo and I realized that I innately have a deer-doe eyes because I was confused as to what was spoken. Hehe. My mzungu (white) colleagues fared better than I because the vendors communicated English to them. Oh, wells, this is a learning lesson. I will do better and come back home with my skirt next time. Hehe.

Till then,


Featured photo by Wandering  Andrewly. Pardon my shaky video. I did not want to violate the rights of people, hence, I tried not to show their faces and more of the market. Bad attempt!!


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